The story behind

To provide fast and efficient digital document storage with the open API architecture addressing the 3rd party system requirements. A lightweight alternative to the big-box software for document persistency with flexible licence model.




Java, Oracle DB

Distribution model


Third party software


Project goals


What for

To meet performance of read, write and search requirements and reduce the infrastructure and licence cost.



Lightweight and effective algorithms have been used tailored to the business requirements.



Big and medium sized companies dealing with millions of document scans monthly.

Top features

Optimized for read and write performance.

Open APIs for custom logic.

Document viewers accessible for 3rd party client applications.

Version history and full audit log of the file changes.

Easy to install and integrate with the 3rd party systems like claim or policy center.

Flexible licence model.

Project approach

The project goal was to deliver a robust and extremely efficient document repository meeting the insurance business requirements. It handles the traffic from both tens of thousands of insurance agents performing the sales activities daily and hundreds of claim handlers accessing the claim documents like vehicle pictures, multiple-page document scans and claim estimates.


Lightweight repository with the open API architecture addressing the insurance business requirements both in terms of scalability and integration. Persisted documents are meta-tagged with predefined set of attributes guaranteeing extremely efficient document access. REST based APIs are optimised for binary document operations. Build in thumbnail view capability also for MS Office and PDF documents assures best document browsing experience for the end users.

Key figures


1 leading insurance company uses the software as a document repository both in sales and claim handling processes.


Up to 600 reads and writes per minute.


Over 20k agents saving the sales documents.


Up to 1 milion of scans persisted monthly.


6 client systems use the repository including the on-line sales, agent sales, claim register and claim center systems.


About 600 concurrent claim handlers accessing the high resolution claim pictures and document scans.

Main features

Easily scalable both in terms of document volume and traffic.

Open API architecture can be easily extended with the custom logic.

Fast document access based on a predefined set of file attributes.

Build in thumbnail view capability including MS Office and PDF documents.

The result

The repository has proven to be efficient in large scale operations for the 2nd biggest insurance company in Poland. The APIs have been adopted to the 3rd party client systems including GuideWire Claim Center by delivering seamless document search and browsing experience fundamental in the claim handler daily work.