Web application


The story behind

The library enables the vehicle ID scanning via web which significantly reduces the time-to-quote both in the on-line and agent-based distribution models. By removing the burden of vehicle and driver details manual input the premium quote can be done within 20 seconds.





Distribution model


Third party software


Project goals


What for

To simplify the premium quote process by replacing the manual vehicle and driver data entry with vehicle ID scanning.



The end customer or the agent are requested to scan the vehicle ID when doing the premium quote.



Insurance agents and on-line customers.

Top features

No mobile app is required the vehicle ID scan is done within the web browser.

No data entry errors or misspellings.

Immediate vehicle and driver delivery required for the premium quote.

Flexible licence model and SLA service.

Extremely easy to implement.

Project approach

The project goal was to deliver a tool for vehicle ID scanning which works within the on-line quote web service and would not require any extra software installation like mobile app. The premium quote process requires 20-30 questions on average. The vehicle ID scan can address up to 60% of them which makes the process much simpler and faster.


AztecScannerJS is a JavaScript library that can be implemented as integral part of the insurer on-line sales service as well as agent sales system. The end customer can scan their vehicle ID which reduces the time-to-quote and removes data entry mistakes.

Key figures


3 insurance companies use the library as part of their on-line premium quote.


60% of the premium calculation params can be obtained from the vehicle ID.


Up to 100 vehicle ID scans are being done daily.


It takes up to 2 seconds to scan the vehicle ID on average.

Some statistics

Faster and simpler premium quoting means more customer traffic.

Above 50% traffic come from mobile today. Vehicle ID scan is a perfect choice for mobile.

The library can be simply implemented as part of the on-line quote web page.

It takes 20 seconds to get the quote when using vehicle ID scan.