Web application


The story behind

The service enables a remote video assessment of the insured object when handling the claim. The claim handler sends an SMS message to the customer with the web page link providing the video connectivity therefore no mobile app is required.




Java, Angular, WebRTC

Distribution model

Software-as-a-Service or on-premise

Third party software


Project goals


What for

To reduce the time and cost of the assessment process by removing the need of driving to the customer.



The claim handler and the customer can perform the assessment remotely using the video connectivity and picture taking capability.



Claim handlers and end customers.

Top features

No mobile app is required when doing the remote assessment on the customer side.

Picture quality is resilient to the internet bandwidth on the mobile device.

Pictures are marked with the timestamp and GSM coordinates.

Both Software-as-a-Service and on-premise delivery models are supported.

The service can be easily integrated with the claim handling system.

Project approach

The project goal was to enable the remote assessment capability for the insurance company which would not require any extra software on the customer end. By delivering web-based video connectivity even more customers would be attracted to the most cost effective and convenient way of doing the assessment when for instance handling the claim. On the other hand the service was meant to deliver the top quality pictures enabling the claim calculation. For that reason the pictures are taken locally on the customer handset during the video session and therefore are not affected by the internet bandwidth.


All they have to do is to tap on the SMS message and give the access to the camera and microphone for the VideoInspektor web page. No mobile app installation is required to establish the video call.

Key figures


4 insurance companies use the service on the production in the claim handling proces.


Nearly 600 claim handlers use the service as their daily tool for the claim assessments.


Over 70 percent of end customers agree to perform the remote video assessment via their smartphone.


Up to 10 inspections daily can be done by the single operator.


On average 20 pictures of the damage and required documents are taken in the single assessment.


The claim calculation can be delivered within 15 minutes after the successful video assessment .

Some statistics

Remote video assessment reduces the cost by more than 50%.

70% acceptance level on the customer side.

No mobile app is required for the remote inspection just the web browser.

The claim calculation can be delivered within 15 minutes after the video call.

The result

Making a video call and remote picture taking has never been this easy. It only requires an Android or iOS device with the internet connectivity on the cutomer side and Chrome or FireFox browser on the claim handler side. The SaaS model enables immediate service delivery by virtually removing any infrastructure requirements.