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apreel was established in April 2010 by four friends whose dream was to create their own software house. As the company developed and, in parallel, as the level of trust its clients place in it grew, it expanded its business to include services such as the leasing of IT experts. Today, this area constitutes the core pillar in apreel’s business.

That does not mean, however, that the founders of apreel have abandoned their dreams. It will always be our passion to create proprietary IT solutions, and the objective we aspire to achieve is to perfect them continuously. In conjunction with having an exceptional atmosphere and espousing professionalism, we have instilled an extraordinary climate at work in apreel.






years of experience

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Connecting with transparency, dignity and respect. We have lack of hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration


Our business is easy to understand. With our partners and coworkers we follow uncomplicated rules.


We defines corporate empathy as the emotional impact a company has on its people, be aware of their feelings and understand their needs.


Do the right thing. Acting with honesty and truthfulness considering people needs at first place.


Outsourcing IT

Web Development

Mobile Development


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Paweł Żak

Chairman of the board

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Maciej Jończyk

Board Member

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Cezary Szmurło

Board Member

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Kamila Jaczewska-Tutak

Head of HR and Recruitment Department

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Eliza Słabik

Senior Account Manager

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Marcelina Michalak

Senior Account Manager

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Gabriela Steć

Account Manager

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Julia Dmuchowska

IT Recruitment Consultant

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Monika Grotkowska

IT Recrutiment Consultant

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Emilia Wilk

IT Recruitment Consultant

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Daniel Grzegrzółka

Software Architect / Team Leader

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Michał Malanowicz

Senior Frontend Developer / Architect