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  • About us

How we work

We extensively use the SCRUM Agile methodology for software development.

We create the requirements model in the way it leaves no space for ambiguity for development team.

Based on the requirements and user stories we build the project backlog and split it into individual sprints. The sprints are planned no to exceed the 4 weeks in terms of duration.

We kick-off each day with the stand-up meeting in order to get the feedback from each team member on the work progress and experienced difficulties.

There are two key objectives of the stand-up meetings. First it enables early problem detection and immediate action to be taken. Secondly it assures excellent communication level within the project team.

Every sprint ends up with the presentation aiming to deliver the project status to the business stakeholder.

The presentation also gives the opportunity to check if the actual app meets the requirements envisaged by the end users.

Software profile

  • JAVA
  • .NET
  • BPM
  • Business Analysis
  • UXUI
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone 7/8
  • Cordova
  • Phone Gap
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • Service management
  • Hosting
  • Change management

Who we work for

Over 20

customers from Western Europe.

Over 100

software and consulting projects delivered.

Why apreel?

We perceive our company as a small and medium enterprise, which has a proven record in software delivery for large international companies. Our objective is to deliver projects ranging from 100 to 500 man-days for which given their size and importance we guarantee a first class development team.


Paweł Żak
Management Chief
Maciej Jończyk
Management Member


To guarantee the proper learning curve of our project teams we make sure they are continually engaged in challenging projects for large international institutions.

Martyna Wawrzyńczak
HR Specialist
Eliza Słabik
Senior HR Specialist

After work

Keeping the balance between professional and social life is a major issue for us. Picnics, canoeing, skiing and snowboarding trips help us keep together as coherent team.