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Nearly all insurance companies in Poland have been using apreel consulting services in 2012/13.


Java Developer
Added: 13/4/2018


We specialize in transactional web applications enabling the direct sales and customer self-service.

We have successfully delivered the sales supporting platforms for the customers like Warta, Allianz, BRE Ubezpieczenia and Netia.

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Mobile applications

We strive to meet the growing demand for mobile applications therefore we have been continually investing in the mobile development in recent years.

In our development process we are making use of the native iOS, Android and Windows SDKs as well as the HTML 5 based frameworks like Appcelerator Titanium and PhoneGap/Cordova.

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We have successful track record of delivering the 24x7 maintenance and hosting services for the mission critical applications.

In addition to the Service Management we also provide the development and change implementation services in Java, MS .Net and Oracle technologies.

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